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One of our team will contact you shortly within 30 minutes to 1 hour with your Cash Offer. In the meantime if you wish to call us our number is 0330 022 8803, and we are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

You can also send a sms text to: 07797 796 289. We can give an instant decision. Other Companies It has been brought to our attention that some companies are asking for an upfront non-refundable fee for just giving you a cash offer. Rapid Sale will NEVER ask for *ANY* Fees during or after the process of dealing with your sale. Never give any fees. If you accept our Cash Offer, then thats it, thats what you will receive and you won't have to outlay a penny. Difference in using us? The price we offer is the price you receive. Our offer is realistic and competitive from the offset.


Many people wanting to sell their property for cash fast are often blinded by advertising on sites that say, "Get Up To 100% Market Value".  These companies are simply just brokers who never actually do pay with their own cash. There is no way they can complete in 7 days. 90% of the time they use a method called ASA contract. An ASA contact known as an Assisted Sale is just a way of making you sign a contract for 3 months whereby they offer to get you a little bit more than a cash offer. They then market your property cheaper on the open market via estate agencies. You can simply do this yourself. We have had many many people come back to us and say that they went with these companies and it was a waste of time because they never got an offer.

This method is fine if you don't need the cash fast.

Our offer is a no nonsense offer, take it or leave, and if you want to proceed then as it is us that are purchasing then you have total peace of mind we will complete when we say we will, and you will receive exactly the cash amount we offer into your bank and not a penny less. So remember as you shop about for quotes then always makes sure you ask the question, is it an Assisted Sale or cash offer.

Understandably our service is not for everyone and we get that. But as a business we are taking the risks, especially with the current economy. Buying for cash is a huge gamble on our part, with stamp duty and tax still to pay it can be quite risky for us.

We have helped many people who face repossession, eviction at the last minute and saved them from losing equity in their property they would have lost if their lender had taken control. 

We pride ourselves in being transparent and we are passionate about property.

We are the only company in the U.K that is able to get you CASH for your property in 7 days, sometimes quicker, then after you have the Cash in your bank, we can allow up to 3 months stay in the property, rent free. Depending on area this is worth on average £500/£3000 per month.

Our Reviews If you have not already, take a few minutes to read our verified reviews by a 3rd party review site. We look forward to talking to you shortly. Adam. Rapid Sale Team.